The Region – Climate, nature and history closely connected

European fruit and vegetables are born and grown in regions with unique morphological traits. The factors underlying such uniqueness are different.

First of all, the favourable climate; the proximity to the coasts favours the alternation of sea breezes with those coming from the hinterland, giving the products extraordinary flavour and excellent nutritional properties. Secondly, there is the outstanding soil fertility, due in part to its volcanic origin. It is not only nature and climate that make these regions unique, it is also their historical, artistic and cultural elements.

Some regions retain indelible traces of ancient civilisations rich in art and culture, adding new nuances to the incomparable beauty of the landscape.

A trip to the European fruit and vegetable production regions is a unique opportunity to get to know and taste these exquisite products on the spot, while discovering the charm of truly unparalleled places.

Lazio Countryside Drone View
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