European Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Awareness


The project aims to make consumers aware of the benefits connected to greater consumption of fruit and vegetables of European origin.

The campaign will highlight three characteristic and unique aspects of fruit and vegetables of European origin, namely:

  • organoleptic properties, which make the product pleasant and tasty as well as healthy.
  • safety guaranteed by EU certifications relating to each production stage through specific regulations and controls that guarantee traceability.
  • nutritional and health properties. The benefits of a high level of consumption of quality fruit and vegetables are now well-known.

Among the main products of the project, which perfectly summarise the unique properties of fruit and vegetables of European origin, we have a DOP, the Nocciola Gentile Romana, an IGP, the Potato from Alto Viterbese, and a basket of fruit and vegetable products from the Fruit and Vegetable Centre of Tarquinia (VT).

These products are certainly unique because of the region’s morphology and weather conditions. The province of Tarquinia is characterised by being close both to the sea and a hilly hinterland, typical of the lower Maremma. Plantations are frequently swept by winds from both land and sea. This constant exposure to the wind positively “stresses” the plants, which consequently produce more and higher quality fruit and vegetables.

The province of Viterbo is also characterised by the production of the IGP Potato dell’Alto Viterbese. The municipalities in which it is grown lie around Lake Bolsena. This is because the volcanic soil gives the product a greater potassium content, making it unique and inimitable for its taste and health properties.

Alto Lazio is also famous all over the world for the production of hazelnuts, among which the DOP Gentile Romana stands out. In the Municipality of Capranica and in the surrounding area, crossed by some suggestive stretches of the historic Via Francigena, hazelnuts are grown, toasted and processed, and are then used in the best ice cream and pastry products.