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Video Gallery Recipes 2023

Fish soup and potato dumplings

Carrot and hazelnut cake

Sliced beef and roast potatoes and onions

Spaghetti alla chitarra and asparagus pesto

Hazelnut sbrisolona and melon sorbet

Pumpkin and blue goat cheese risotto

Broccoli and Parmesan cheese waffle

Millefoglie goat cheese and shrimp

Scallops salmon and purple potatoes

Lamb artichokes and mint

New Video Gallery

Cabbage sorting video

Video processing pumpkins

Artichoke processing video

Cabbage harvesting video

Video processing asparagus and fennel

Potato processing video

Video potato bagging

Video sowing potatoes

New Video Gallery Recipes

Salmon carpaccio with artichoke salad

Vegetable frying in batter

Gnocchi with hazelnut flour

Vegetable and fruit salad

Hot chocolate and hazelnut cupcake

Potato roasts with fennel mayonnaise

Vegetable pie with potatoes

Veal stew with pumpkin

Crunchy meringue and whipped cream

Sausage and Roman broccoli

Lamb with savoy cabbage reduction and pumpkin puree

Marinated and sliced smoked salmon

Baked cod with purple potatoes

Waffles with cream ice cream and melon pearls

Video Gallery

Video drone cultivation potatoes

Video drone growing hazelnuts

Video drone fruit and vegetable cultivation

Potatoes production video

Hazelnut production video

Fruit and vegetable production video

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