Melon soup with lavender parfait


  • custard 200 g
  • Italian meringue 180 g
  • semi-whipped cream milk 650 g
  • cream 100 g
  • lavender to infuse 80 g
  • egg yolks q.s.
  • sugar 50 g
  • corn starch 155 g
  • egg white 50 g
  • water q.s.
  • melon q.s.
  • white chocolate q.s.


Leave the lavender to infuse in the cream and milk in the fridge for 6 hours.

 Remove the lavender and heat the cream and milk.

Mix the egg yolks with the sugar and starch, then pour on the milk and cream slowly.

Cook over medium heat, remove from heat and allow the custard to cool.

Put the egg white in a mixer with 25 grams of sugar.

Put the water and the remaining sugar in a pan.

Heat and check the temperature with a thermometer. When the syrup has reached the temperature of 110 degrees C, start the mixer with the whisk. When the temperature reaches 121 degrees remove from the heat and pour slowly into the mixer.

Let it go until the Italian meringue has cooled down.

Mix the custard with the Italian meringue, then add the semi-whipped cream.

Put in a mould and then chill at -18 degrees or put in the freezer until it has solidified.

Clean the melon, cut it into pieces, add a few drops of lemon and blend.

Serve by placing the melon soup on the plate then the parfait,

finish with mint and white chocolate to garnish.

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