Whitefish with watermelon sauce and vegetables


  • whitefish 700 g
  • sugar 300 g
  • fresh dill q.s.
  • fresh basil q.s.
  • fresh mint q.s.
  • fresh melissa or verbena q.s.
  • edible flowers q.s.
  • broccoli 200 g
  • red onion q.s.
  • watermelon 350 g
  • lemon 1
  • extra virgin olive oil q.s.
  • salt, pepper q.s.


Clean and fillet the fish, remove the bones but leave the skin on, cut in portions, mix salt, sugar and herbs and sprinkle on the fillets, leave to rest for 1 h.

Put two fillets together with the skin on the outside, then wrap them in clingfilm suitable for cooking and steam at 62 degrees for about 7 minutes.

Make the watermelon sauce by blending together the watermelon, lemon, extra virgin olive oil and pepper, if necessary pass through a sieve.

In a pan, boil some water with vinegar and

salt. Blanch the cleaned and cut vegetables.

Proceed to serve by putting the sauce on the plate, then the piece of fish, the vegetables seasoned with salt, extra virgin olive oil and pepper and finish with herbs and flowers.

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