Potato gnocchi with garlic and fish broth


  • potatoes 1 kg
  • flour 360 g
  • potato starch 50 g
  • trout or whitefish (or mixed) 500 g
  • salt q.s.
  • cherry tomato 500 g
  • white wine q.s.
  • anchovies in oil q.s.
  • garlic and shallots q.s.
  • extra-virgin olive oil q.s.
  • chervil and herbs q.s.


Marinate the fish for 2 hours.

Steam at 55°C then cool and cut into small pieces.

Boil the potatoes, peel and mash them, allow to cool, then add salt, flour and starch, prepare the gnocchi by cutting them in small pieces.

With the bones prepare the fish stew, brown the garlic, chopped anchovies and shallots in the oil.

Add the filleted, boned and sliced fish, deglaze with white wine, add cherry tomatoes and water, leave to cook and filter.

Sauté the gnocchi in oil, garlic and aromatic herbs.

Add the stew, trout or whitefish.


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