Egg carbonara


  • eggs 4
  • cream 250 g
  • breadcrumbs q.s.
  • slices of cured bacon 4
  • pecorino romano cheese 240 g
  • parmesan cheese 80 g
  • asparagus 10 
  • extra virgin olive oil q.s.
  • salt, pepper q.s.


Prepare the pecorino cream by dissolving a large quantity of grated pecorino in the cream until a smooth cream is obtained.

Slice the cured pork cheek and cook it in a saucepan until crispy.

Separately, bread the egg yolks, by dipping them in breadcrumbs, and place them on a piece of baking paper. Whip the egg white. Put the whipped egg white in round single-portion moulds and then steam.

Meanwhile, heat the extra virgin olive or soy oil and fry the yolk for a few seconds (it must remain liquid in the centre).

Cut off the asparagus tips and blanch them, slice the stems into rings, put them in a pan with extra virgin olive oil and garlic and stew them.

Prepare the pecorino and parmesan wafers: Steam for 5 minutes and then finish at 140 degrees without steam or alternatively place on a sheet of baking paper in the microwave for a few minutes.

Prepare the dish for serving: Place the cheese cream on the plate, then the egg white, the wafer, asparagus, bacon and fried yolk. Finish with some pepper.

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