Carrot and hazelnut cake


  • Grated carrots gr 300
  • Chopped hazelnut Tonda Gentile Romana BIO gr 300
  • Flour 00 gr 90
  • Caster sugar gr 200
  • Eggs 6
  • Baking yeast gr 10
  • Cream gr 300
  • Icing sugar gr 35
  • Vanilla to taste
  • Hazelnut Tonda Gentile Romana BIO grains to taste.


Beat the egg yolks with the sugar until light and fluffy; add the carrots, hazelnut flour, and 00 flour.

Beat egg whites until stiff and incorporate into the mixture.

Pour into a buttered mold and bake at 180° for 40 minutes.

Unmold and let cool; whip cream with sugar and vanilla, then sprinkle over cake and finish with hazelnut crumbs

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