European fruits and vegetables – More choice, more flavour, and extraordinary well-being

European fruit and vegetables offer an enormous variety; certain products, due to their peculiar features, constitute authentic culinary treats. For example, potatoes grown in areas of volcanic origin are particularly flavourful and thus suitable for baking and gnocchi dishes. Or artichokes from seaside regions, which can be cooked in a thousand ways or eaten raw and represent a real panacea for our body’s health. And again, the exquisite hazelnut, a dried fruit variety with a very fine flavour and persistent aroma, which can be an excellent practical, tasty, and nutritious snack. It is also ideal for making cakes, biscuits, ice cream, creams and liqueurs. Choosing European fruit and vegetables not only means more flavour, but also gives our body extraordinary well-being.

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Climate, nature and history are closely connected

European fruit and vegetables are born and grown in regions with unique morphological traits. The factors underlying such uniqueness are different.

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European fruit and vegetables are synonymous with quality and excellence for consumers. The entire production chain, from sowing to harvesting, transformation and distribution, maintains very high-quality standards capable of ensuring the organoleptic qualities of the product remain unaltered until it is consumed.

DOP, IGP and BIO certifications come into play to guarantee these standards and, above all, the traceability of each production phase. A certainty for the consumer who can always count on a fresh, safe, tasty product with exceptional health properties.

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